Spring Update

The snow has melted and the birds are returning, singing their song of joy.

Here at the shop the buzz is in the air also…..

New projects are being planned, lots of forms and paperwork are being completed, and art is being obtained daily.

Thank you all for your contributions, without you we would not be here 🙂

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Indian Roots


One of my favorite dolls to make, this Indian Woman is full of detail including fringe and beads sewn by hand.

Art Craft For Sale

Deluxe Home


Hours and hours were spent constructing this beautiful home.

Includes LED lights and a music box, all furnishings are handmade right down to the dishes on the table.

Art Craft For Sale

A happy home in a jar

This darling little house and yard is like a photo, it says a thousand words especially with the birds flying in the sky.

Turn on the LED clouds and watch eyes pop as the details come to life…..

Art Craft For Sale

Miniature scene in a jar

Sitting on a dock next to the water at your favorite place…..

I’ve captured that scene inside of a quart jar with a LED lighted cloud…..

This piece will make a conversation starter at your next get together!

Food Art SOLD

Happy Birthday!

This was the coolest experiment ever….

I’ve never tried to rainbow or swirl frosting colors together to pipe and decorate with before .

So when a good friend’s daughter’s birthday came up, it was a great opportunity to try something new….

it was the hit of the party!

Art Craft For Sale

Two Birds on a Coffee Break


Chirp! Chirp!

Coffee breaks are always a good idea in my book, and being outside is even better.

This piece was made using a little table and chair found at a garage sale and milk glass found free along a road….

Lastly, I used scrap material left over from another project and BAM!…. It’s one of my personal favorites.

Art Craft For Sale

Hey, Easter is on it’s way!


Spring is in the air which inspired this piece. Made from an old milk glass dinner set found on the side of the road for free. This proves one person’s junk truly is another person’s treasure……

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