Art Craft Crocheted For Sale

Babe, I want a Block Head

Randomly, as I’m working on another project, my husband blurts out

” Babe, I want a blockhead…”

Persistent as always he shows me a picture of a stuffed animal on amazon, laughs and walks away.

A week later I walk by and toss this to him

” Challenge Accepted”

….. he was speechless

To his surprise I was able produce it from glancing at the picture .

Art Craft

Times Shared in the 1980’s

Long time ago my mom gave me this wooden checker board that belonged to my late brother. Needless to say no one was allowed to use it for fear of ruining it…… so I changed my mindset on it and started collecting pieces for this project. Took about a year of contemplating and this was created. As kids growing up memories are made, bonds formed and laughs shared…. This is for you brother.

Art Craft For Sale

At the Zoo monkeying around!

$20 (QTY: 1 )

Sometimes you just have to be a little silly and have fun! This piece was made entirely from odds and ends laying around waiting for a purpose..

Art Craft For Sale

Miniature Tranquility Flower Shop

$40 ( QTY:1 )

Relaxing by the pond, surrounded by the freshest plants and flowers… As I was building this creativity flowed and was hard to stop adding more and more.

It’s one of my personal favorite Pieces at the shop…js lol

Art Craft For Sale News

Custom friends

If you have a theme and an idea of an item you would like made, please reach out!

Custom friends make great gifts and can be customized to be special for someone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Art For Sale Minnesota Found Art

Aurora Nights


Made by a local Mankato artist, this piece it painted onto cardboard instead of canvas.

What an innovative way to recycle!

Art Guest Artist Minnesota Found Art

Audrey Art

( Update on Artist Search)

As we were shopping at a Mankato thrift store one day.

My husband found these hand painted pictures; two mounted into one handmade frame.

Simply signed ” Audrey” Whomever you are, your work is beautiful… ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: I have been searching Google, Facebook Art Forums etc. and have no leads so far as to who this artist is. Perhaps an artist who was a hobbyist?

Art Minnesota Found Art

1,000 Words

This painting is stunning to say the least. As parents we’ve been there and this piece expresses the emotions perfectly for myself and I’m sure you as well……

Art For Sale Minnesota Found Art

Cabin by the Lake

While adventuring we found this painting in a Mankato thrift shop, instantly loved it.

Now to research the artist… more to come as we learn!

Art Craft Guest Artist Minnesota Found Art


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