Art Craft Crocheted For Sale

Dirty job? I got you!

$1 per

Have you ever used a crocheted scrubby?


They don’t scratch surfaces and they actually get the job done!

Also they work great for skin care and beauty needs….

Art Craft Crocheted For Sale

Babe, I want a Block Head

Randomly, as I’m working on another project, my husband blurts out

” Babe, I want a blockhead…”

Persistent as always he shows me a picture of a stuffed animal on amazon, laughs and walks away.

A week later I walk by and toss this to him

” Challenge Accepted”

….. he was speechless

To his surprise I was able produce it from glancing at the picture .

Art Craft

Times Shared in the 1980’s

Long time ago my mom gave me this wooden checker board that belonged to my late brother. Needless to say no one was allowed to use it for fear of ruining it…… so I changed my mindset on it and started collecting pieces for this project. Took about a year of contemplating and this was created. As kids growing up memories are made, bonds formed and laughs shared…. This is for you brother.

Craft Crocheted

A simple Rose for my husband

Last year I was struggling to find a Valentine’s day gift for the husband, what do you even get a man?! lol So I created my own version of a Forever Rose… by the way, he loved it!

Art Craft For Sale

At the Zoo monkeying around!

$20 (QTY: 1 )

Sometimes you just have to be a little silly and have fun! This piece was made entirely from odds and ends laying around waiting for a purpose..

Craft Permanent Needle Ink Art

Lesson #3

Adding Depth

Here I was working on bringing life to my art with strategic lines to add dimension and movement …

Craft Permanent Needle Ink Art

Lesson #2

Simple Shadows

Here is line work again but with a basic shadow….

Craft Permanent Needle Ink Art

Lesson #1

Line Work

Here you see simply practicing lines straight and curvy, and basic shading…..

Craft Permanent Needle Ink Art

New Category…

Announcing a new genre of Permanent Needle Ink Art. This includes art made of ink in an object other than human skin at this time. You will see learning concepts practiced and progression in skill set… hopefully:)

Please enjoy as I pursue my dream.

3D Metal Art Craft For Sale

Classy Convertible

Actors, Businessmen and more rode in these cars with all the bells and whistles .

Maybe I should pair this with a movie poster to display? hmmm 🙂

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