Craft Crocheted For Sale

Stitched with Love


The arrival of a new baby weather family or friends is always worth a celebration, what better way to show that than a handmade baby blanket made with love?

This an old pattern of my grandmother’s she taught me when I was 9…..

Art Craft Crocheted For Sale

A faceless Christmas Story?

Yes, I was watching the movie and started concepting.

As you see it took me a couple tries to narrow it down.

I absolutely love these little guys!

Art Craft Crocheted For Sale



Handle with care, it’ll poke ya! ha ha

A dear friend took a trip to Arizona and while looking at photos of the trip, I decided to try my own rendition of a cactus….

So much fun to let the world around you inspire a project.

Art Craft Crocheted For Sale

Dirty job? I got you!

$1 per

Have you ever used a crocheted scrubby?


They don’t scratch surfaces and they actually get the job done!

Also they work great for skin care and beauty needs….

Art Craft Crocheted For Sale

Babe, I want a Block Head

Randomly, as I’m working on another project, my husband blurts out

” Babe, I want a blockhead…”

Persistent as always he shows me a picture of a stuffed animal on amazon, laughs and walks away.

A week later I walk by and toss this to him

” Challenge Accepted”

….. he was speechless

To his surprise I was able produce it from glancing at the picture .

Craft Crocheted

A simple Rose for my husband

Last year I was struggling to find a Valentine’s day gift for the husband, what do you even get a man?! lol So I created my own version of a Forever Rose… by the way, he loved it!

Craft Crocheted For Sale

Lil Bonnet


Making baby items are so rewarding, nothing but warmth and love stitched into them.

Customizable to most colors, make a great gift!!

Craft Crocheted For Sale

Minnesota made Southern Belle

$125 ( QTY: 1 )

She’s inspired from an actual southern belle; My mother in law who’s favorite color is yellow spurred me to make this lovely lady. 10,050 Stitches of Love went into creating this beauty.

Craft Crocheted Handcrafted Jewelry

Crocheted Addition


This is a fun little piece.

Hand crocheted with natural wood beads, can be worn several ways as a necklace, scarf or more….

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Indian Roots


One of my favorite dolls to make, this Indian Woman is full of detail including fringe and beads sewn by hand.

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