Winner of Free Oil Change “Fromms” Mankato

Fun Fact: My family and I frequently visit and hike at this nearby park and as I’ve mentioned before I like to pick up rocks, polish them and make one of a kind jewelry out of them.

That being said, as you see jewelry here it may be from this place πŸ™‚

For Sale News

Coming Soon!

New Category is currently being added;

3D Metal Models

Check back often for newly added items daily πŸ™‚

Art Craft For Sale News

Custom friends

If you have a theme and an idea of an item you would like made, please reach out!

Custom friends make great gifts and can be customized to be special for someone! πŸ™‚


Spring Update

The snow has melted and the birds are returning, singing their song of joy.

Here at the shop the buzz is in the air also…..

New projects are being planned, lots of forms and paperwork are being completed, and art is being obtained daily.

Thank you all for your contributions, without you we would not be here πŸ™‚

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